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Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Cheat Wallhack Point Blank indonesia-Project Blackout MPGH Project Blackout Public 03/19/11

Status: Undetected


    * Wallhack
    * Chams
    * Crosshair
    * No Smoke

Download here for the wallhack


   1. Download the attachment.
   2. Extract hack anywhere.
   3. Start MPGHInjector.exe
   4. Start Project Blackout
   5. If the hack was injected correctly, you should see a message at the top left hand part of you screen.
   6. Press INSERT or DELETE to access the menu.

Notice, this file has been packed with THEMIDA. Your antivirus may not like it, so if there is a problem with your antivirus deleting it or not allowing you to download the file, disable your antivirus while using this hack. (For example NOD32 won't let me download my own hack )

Troubleshooting (If you get errors OR it doesn't work):

    * Run Windows Update, ensure your computer is FULLY UPDATED
    * Ensure your process is correct in settings.ini (PBlackout.exe or PBLACK~1.EXE)
    * Disable your antivirus.
    * Try a different injector.
    * Download and Install the .net Framework.
    * Download and Install the latest version of DirectX: Download details: DirectX End-User Runtime[/URL]
    * Run the hack as admin.

If you are having problems, please post the full steps you took. Also include: What antivirus you have; Is it disabled. Are you running in administrator mode. Do you have UAC disabled. What OS you have. Did you try the steps outlined above.

Credit : [MPGH]Dave84311 http://www.mpgh.net

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